Peter Murray
EVENT - talk

Thursday, 19 May, 6:30 - 8:30
Mark Brearley and Peter Marsh will sketch out the diversity of London’s industrial life in the context of wider trends. 

They will celebrate the responsiveness and buoyancy of London’s industry, and point out how the city's fast growth and insatiable demand for housing are hollowing out some of what makes it most interesting, vibrant and resilient. Listen well, they will say, because London is eating itself, an unfortunate side effect of success. Urban industry, including manufacturing, is especially fragile, under threat from a fast moving land market and the floppiness of planning. 

The case will be made for ensuring that there is a filigree of industrial accommodation right across London, for a city able to embrace, amongst others, its aggregate suppliers, its builders merchants, its waste re-use and its just-in-time production, niche manufacture, its caterers and its laundries, repair, servicing and equipment rental, its depots and garages, it’s stock holders, storers and deliverers. 

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