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9780905978741-copyBig Saves: Heroic transformations of great landmarks

by Marcus Binney. Available from SAVE Britain’s Heritage

Review by Janice Morphet

SAVE has played – and continues to play – a major role in changing the way the nation (and the rest of the world) thinks about places. It has not only saved many individual buildings from destruction, showing how they can be brought back into life, but has also changed the way we think about the role of historic places, and what they mean for the present. Just as the Government is investigating the value of culture to the economy, SAVE has always worked with financial analyses, demonstrating economic benefits to all sectors. Marcus Binney, the founder of SAVE and author of Big Saves, illustrates the organisation’s specific work over the past forty years. Saving and reusing the nation’s heritage has not been reliant on the state, as in other European countries, but part of the fabric of development, with planners, local politicians and the private sector frequently following local voluntary society and community effort. This story started in London.

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