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Peter Murray


2017 is the 50th year since conservation areas were first designated. St John’s Wood was the second to be approved.

London Forum and its members will be celebrating this milestone, particularly on Civic Day in June 2017, and on Wednesday 1 March the Forum will hold an open meeting (all are welcome) to discuss what should be done for the anniversary.

There will be speakers from Historic England and Civic Voice who will explain their aims for this celebration year and suggest to societies what they could do themselves. There will be discussion on the proposals and the ideas of those society representatives who attend.

The meeting is free to attend and will be held at The Gallery, 75 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EL, starting at 6:30pm.

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Peter Murray


Intrigued by a group called “London YIMBY” – “yes, in my back yard”, we asked them to write a little about their organisation and what they’re trying to achieve. You can read more on their website.  And if you have any thoughts, please comment below.

London YIMBY logoLondon YIMBY is a campaign to make homes more affordable and secure across the UK by getting more attractive housing built with the support of local people.

The housing crisis is the biggest cause of inequality and lost opportunities.

Shockingly, it’s also caused more damage to UK GDP than anything since the Black Death of 1348-49. (We explain more on our website:

The great news is that there are many ways to get local residents’ support to build more homes and make areas more liveable and more beautiful. It’s all about how you ask the question.

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